4 Signs that He is Your Real Soulmate
You have been dating him for quite some time now, and recently have started to get a strong feeling that he might be “the one” that you have been waiting for all this while. But how can you be completely sure? There is always an inherent fear that you might be taking it too seriously or imagining things, or it just might be an infatuation. Don’t worry! We give you 4 sure signs that will clearly hint at the answer you are looking for. Read on to know the signs that tell you he is your soulmate.
1. He knows your thoughts intuitively
Okay, not literally! By this we mean that he comprehends your thoughts and feelings, and often even completes your sentences! When the attraction grows to a point that being together becomes a habit, he would know your innermost feelings no matter how much you try to hide them. This isn’t just “mush talk” but a fact supported by researchers who believe that this connection is at par with what a child has with his mother. He will intuitively know if you are feeling low or excited or happy. If that is the case, then it suggests that you both have achieved a level of understanding that is possible only after a strong emotional commitment
2. His presence calms you
In this day and age when stress and anxiety are deemed normal, all you need is a comforting hand on your back. If he has a soothing effect on you in demanding situations, it is highly indicative that your compatibility is just fabulous. For instance, you have had a really bad day at work, but just hearing his voice for a few minutes on the phone seems to make all your worries melt away. It feels as if you have taken a painkiller and all your nagging discomfort has vanished. Be glad that you have found your perfect match!
3. You can share your darkest secrets with him (and he is okay with them!)
You have held secrets so dark or so personal that even your parents and best friends do not know about them. But for some reason you feel like sharing them with him, and are sure he will be perfectly fine with them. In fact, he even makes you feel okay about it, ridding you of any guilt. Your mistakes, some embarrassing moments, wrong decision, and things like these don’t even matter between the two of you anymore. If you have experienced this, then rest assured that he is “the one” for you.
4. He plays many roles in your life
If he plays the role of an understanding friend, a supportive pillar, a protector and a pampering partner, all as and when you need the most, then he is certainly yours for keeps. If you he is the name you can think of when in trouble, when happy, when sad or excited, then be certain that you have found your Mr. Right.
But dear girls, do remember that these signs should be thought about only after dating for a reasonable time period to eliminate the chances of infatuation overriding your senses.
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62-year-old Pastor Sentenced To 2 Months Imprisonment For Defiling 10-year-old Girl
An Egor Magistrates’ Court, Benin, on Friday sentenced a 62-year old pastor, Alfred Idonogie, to two years imprisonment for defiling a 10-year old girl.
Chief Magistrate Taye Omoruyi found Idonogie guilty of the offence after the prosecutor presented five witnesses who testified in proof of the charge.
The prosecution witnesses included the victim’s grandmother, the girl, the investigating police officer and a medical doctor, who established that there was penetration into the little girl’s private part.
The court said that the accused committed the offence on June 25, 2 013 at Onaghino Street, medical stores road, Benin City.
The judge said the convict would spend six months in jail if he agreed to pay a fine of N200,000
Counsel to the accused, Mr U. Osa-Uwagie, indicated his interest to contest the judgment on appeal.
The Coordinator, Edo State Child Protection Network, Jennifer Ero, who took up the matter, said the judgment was a victory for the child.
She urged the public to be committed in the fight against child abuse. [NAN]never-give-up.jpg


CBN Launches Biometric Registration For Bank Customers
Banks in Nigeria have commenced biometric registration of their customers.
Rising from its 315th meeting held in Lagos on Tuesday, the Bankers’ Committee had announced that the biometric registration of bank customers would commence on Friday.
All banks are expected to comply fully with the directive which entails that all Deposit Money Banks register their customers’ details including their fingerprints.
Apart from fraud prevention and revolutionising the payment system, biometric authentication of bank customers is also to address complaints of personal identification numbers theft in the industry.
Speaking in Lagos at the launch of the new system, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said banks are expected to capture biometric details of all customers nationwide in the next 18 months.

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Culling Photos: Five Tips to Choose Your Best Images

Originally posted on Photofocus:

Editor’s Note: We are please to welcome Lisa Robinson to the Photofocus team.  She is a professional photographer from Washington, D.C.

Whatever your discipline of photography, there’s one skill that is crucial to catapulting your success: culling. That boring, obnoxious task of sifting through all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in order to finally surface with a body of work worth looking at (or showing to the client).

Why Cull Images?

Include too few photos and your clients feel gypped and they scoot out the door with the bare minimum purchase. Include too many photos and your clients are so overwhelmed they’re incapable of discerning the images they love from the images they like in order to complete a purchase. Either way, you’re ending up not earning as much as you should.

It sounds like it should be a simple enough task, but looks can be deceiving. All…

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Rihanna ‘Admits She Was Bankrupt In 2009 Despite Now Being Worth $43 Million’
Rihanna may be worth an estimated $43 million now, but reports have now emerged claiming that the singer’s accountant made a lot of bad decisions that ended up blowing her fortune, leaving her “effectively bankrupt” by the end of 2009.
According to new legal documents that have been obtained, Rihanna allegedly had $11 million at the beginning of 2009, but she admitted that her accountant was not on the ball and had to learn that at the end of the year she had just $2 million left.
The report adds that the Bajan singer’s expenses then doubled, leaving her on a “financial cliff.”
Rihanna reportedly also said that her accountant “gave her the green light to buy a house priced between $7 and $7.5 million” before she later sold the property for a $2 million loss.
However, it seems like things have now worked themselves out, with the S&M babe reportedly being worth a whopping $43m.
Rihanna was allegedly declared bankrupt in 2009

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