A New My Sites Section

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My Sites just got a new look, but more importantly, it got a technical overhaul, making the page dramatically faster and more powerful.

From one central location, scan and select any of your WordPress sites or create new ones with the support of a more visual interface. Head directly to the posts or pages of a particular WordPress or launch stats to glimpse trends and get inspiration for blog or website content.  Access themes, user settings, and sharing options with a click to make WordPress your own.

The new My Sites page is a small piece of a larger effort to make WordPress.com faster, easier to use from any device, and overall more wonderful. My Sites will be a hub for an increasingly seamless experience, so stay tuned for more updates, and please pardon the dust as we make a few changes!

My Sites: Before & After

My Sites: Before My Sites: Before

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Beating The Burn Out


Photofocus (old site)

We’ve all been there one time or another. Where you just don’t feel particularly inspired by photography, and unsure how to get out of your funk. For me personally, it’s especially threatening, as I am a full time photographer, so my livelihood is dependent on my own creativity in the arts.Throughout the years, I’ve found ways to help be break out of these ‘burn outs’ and succeed even further as a photographer.

I think burning yourself out can happen through a number of ways. Whether it’s stress induced, working too hard on projects you’re not passionate about, or even the changing of seasons, one thing is for certain – it’s terrifying.

I’ve gone through a few of these burnouts in my days, and I’ve found some simple tips to help push myself out of it. While these are not failsafes, they do help me from time to time to find…

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Lakota Wolf Preserve: Where Wolves Run Wild


Life Aboard the Traveling Circus

Written for my travel column at MyCentralJersey.com

In the many pleasant New Jersey suburbs, the most beckoning call from the wild that residents’ ears will prick at is the howl of a neighbor’s pesky beagle. However, Columbia residents are familiar with a howl of a different nature — the howl of a wolf. Sixteen wolves.

The Lakota Wolf Preserve, hidden deep within the thick forestry of the Kittatinny Mountains up various winding dirt roads, is home to 10 Timber, three Artic and three British Columbian wolves. They also house one rescued wolf hybrid, three bobcats and two foxes.

Besides the untamed locale nested in Northwest Jersey, rather than more urban cities, other stark differences between the Preserve and other New Jersey zoos is that unlike their stiffly detained zoo counterparts, Preserve wolves run amok on 10 acres of forest. Also, all of the wolves living at the Preserve were born…

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