Beating The Burn Out


Photofocus (old site)

We’ve all been there one time or another. Where you just don’t feel particularly inspired by photography, and unsure how to get out of your funk. For me personally, it’s especially threatening, as I am a full time photographer, so my livelihood is dependent on my own creativity in the arts.Throughout the years, I’ve found ways to help be break out of these ‘burn outs’ and succeed even further as a photographer.

I think burning yourself out can happen through a number of ways. Whether it’s stress induced, working too hard on projects you’re not passionate about, or even the changing of seasons, one thing is for certain – it’s terrifying.

I’ve gone through a few of these burnouts in my days, and I’ve found some simple tips to help push myself out of it. While these are not failsafes, they do help me from time to time to find…

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