Lakota Wolf Preserve: Where Wolves Run Wild


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In the many pleasant New Jersey suburbs, the most beckoning call from the wild that residents’ ears will prick at is the howl of a neighbor’s pesky beagle. However, Columbia residents are familiar with a howl of a different nature — the howl of a wolf. Sixteen wolves.

The Lakota Wolf Preserve, hidden deep within the thick forestry of the Kittatinny Mountains up various winding dirt roads, is home to 10 Timber, three Artic and three British Columbian wolves. They also house one rescued wolf hybrid, three bobcats and two foxes.

Besides the untamed locale nested in Northwest Jersey, rather than more urban cities, other stark differences between the Preserve and other New Jersey zoos is that unlike their stiffly detained zoo counterparts, Preserve wolves run amok on 10 acres of forest. Also, all of the wolves living at the Preserve were born…

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