6 Quick Tips For Kissable Lips Especially On This Valentine
One of the best qualities somebody can have is soft, beautiful lips. With the cold, windy weather approaching, you might find yourself suffering from chapped or dry lips. So this Valentine’s Day, after you’ve found a babysitter and are getting ready for a romantic date with your significant other, use these tips for kissable lips that they wont be able to resist!
Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash: Because foul breath is never sexy!
Exfoliate and moisturize: Begin by rubbing your lips down with a lip scrub like Sugar Lip Treatment Lip Ornament, made from sugar,antioxidant-rich oils, and vitamins C & E. You can even make your own brown sugar scrub if there’s no time to pick one up! Quick application will really nourish your lips and remove dead skin cells, making them silky smooth and kissable for up to six hours.
Line your lips: Lining your lips is a great way to make sure your lipstick doesn’t run outside the lip lines and will help define them, so choose a color close to the shade of lipstick you’re going to be wearing for your big night.
Tint: Before you apply lipstick, stain your lips with a lipstain close to the color of your lipstick. That way if you’re going to be eating or drinking (or kissing) your lipstick might rub off, but this will insure the lips stay stained underneath.
Lipstick: Last but not least, apply your favorite lipstick. Be aware that the creamier the lipstick the quicker it fades, so opting for a matte formula is better if you’re looking for long lasting lips.
Clean up: Using your foundation brush, clean up the edges around your lips for perfectly lined, flawless looking lips.



[Advice Needed] He Wants To Disvirgin Me On Valentine’s Day! Please Help!
I am 25 years old and I am dating this man who is 28 years old. We have a 3 months old relationship and he said he loves me dearly. He has been pestering me for s*x now and I am not ready to lose my virginity. He threatened to break up with me and collect all the things he bought for me earlier. He also said that we should fix valentine day for breaking of my virginity. Please, what should I do? I love him so much and don’t want to lose him.